“I read; I travel; I become” ― Derek Walcott

The most beautiful things in life are perhaps moments- accentuated with wilderness and the desires of the heart. Nothing can surpass the beauty of a sunset dipping in melancholic melody of country music. The beauty that surrounds us- the nature that surrounds us just needs to be explored and harnessed, to turn it to a lifetime experience and we at Izifiso give wings to these unharnessed desires of the heart. Meanings are often lost in translations, but the zulu word Izifiso expresses exactly the spirit of life which a travelers’ heart chases after-through and through. Come with us, travel away from home, feel the goose bumps break into the skin in the eerie night, sweat under the scorching sun on an uphill trek, dance in the twilight sands to the waves that crash on the shore, whisper to the mangroves, gape at the constellations and let the mountain winds lull you to sleep. Let all these be a part of your story and your life and let them turn you into a story teller. We at Izifiso, aim at offering such off-beat travel experiences by making travel a venture to the dreamland. Our motto is: Explore, Educate, Evolve.

Why Choose Us


Izifiso offers a variety of trips, from trails to treks designed exclusively to help you explore your destination to the fullest. We take pride in providingcomplete freedom to explore places to your heart’s content, whether it is sunny beaches, depths of wildness or unattainable remote areas hidden in mountains. This is where we differ from other travel websites. We letyour heart choose andguide the entiretravel experience.


We are a team of storytellers. Every trip is a story in itself, every trek is a journey. From beaches that are struggling due to Climate Change to monasteries that are eroding away, we take our planet seriously. Our trips are designed in a way to enhance your knowledge about our fragile environment and the cultural diversity of the Indian Subcontinent aiming to spread awareness and a sense of responsibility.


Nature is an entity that exposes our truest self and brings us closer to our own weaknesses and strengths. With each trip, we let you experience challenges that shape up your life and that helpyou to evolve as a human being. This is the reason that Izifisohas been known to provide complete customer satisfaction and has made travelling a life changing experience for people across all walks of life.

Our Team

The leader of the team. Founder and CEO, Gopal Paul is the adhesive that binds the entire team together. From execution of new ideas to on field operations, the entire team can always look up to him for guidance and support.

Gopal Paul
CEO & Founder

Pratyay Chattopadhyay
Legal Advisor

“ A picture is worth a thousand words” . Manaska Mukhopadhyay turns all abstract imagination to concrete ideas and expressions. An indispensible part of the creative team, he is a compassionate person who is always there as a mentor and a friend.

Manaska Mukhopadhyay
Brand Strategist

Saikat whose main mottos are "Think different" and "just do it" is the website developer of Izifiso. He feels smile is his best friend and laptop is his girlfriend. He believes the power within can do anything and everything.

Saikat Bhadury
Tech Guy

If faith could move mountains, Joydev could surely rearrange entire topographical features. Not only sure footed in the literal sense, Joydev is adept when it comes to any responsibility bestowed upon him. A fun loving person , Joydev takes up all challenges that comes his way with a smile .

Joydev Barui
Outreach Strategist

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” Never falling short of words, Sampurna is always ready to learn new things and to explore uncharted waters in her own unique way. She believes that life is a journey where each turn throws new challenges, teaching how to survive in the process.

Soham Das
Brand Strategist

Perseverance is his motto. Methodically arranging every aspect of the team and managing each and every nook and corner, Mehbub believes that to succeed you must first treat success and failure the same way and learn from both.

Mehebub A Alam
Field Strategist

Debarghya Sengupta
Brand Strategist

Swarnali Mondal
Brand Strategist

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Barun Saha
Camp Incharge

Nagan Tamang
Camp Incharge

Subrata Malaker
Camp Incharge

Media Publications