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Nestled in the land of red soil and green mounds, Mathaburu is one of the peaks of Ayodha hills in Purulia district of West Bengal. The area is known for its secluded wilderness and rich cultural festivities. Mathaburu has always been a magnet for trekkers and devotes alike for its serene natural beauty, challenging landscape and mythological history. During the summer months the fiery red of the ‘Polash’ flower drapes the valley in a majestic almost surreal beauty. Because it is an elephant corridor and a reserve forest the area is thronged by wildlife and birds making it a nature lover’s paradise. Due to its mythological significance a number of festivals are celebrated here like the Tusu festival and the Makar-sankranti festival during winter. The rich cultural heritage of the tribal people is an experience in itself. Also this part of Purulia is the birthplace of the famous masked martial danced performance called “Chaunach”.