Izifiso Backpackers' Trails

Mousuni Island

Mousuni is a small island of the Sunderban Delta. Its beauty lies in the confluence of the sea with the river. Your stay at our backpackers’ camp is going to be a unique and exciting experience in itself. Though this camp doesn't have the luxury of five star hotels, it will give you the experience of billion stars, the song of the sea and the music of the winds. Starting from fishing to beach cycling, from playing volleyball in the sand to laying idly with your favorite book on the hammock or looking at the magical sky during sunrise or sunset for hours sitting at the gazebo, our camp has a whole bunch of exciting experiences to feed your Backpacking Soul.


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Mousuni Island, Doladanga, Gurdum

This year celebrate Bengali's greatest festival, the Durga Puja, at our three camps, Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp, Doladanga Backpackers' Camp and Gurdum Backpackers' Camp. Experience the greatest festival in the lap of nature like never before.