Izifiso Backpackers' Villa

Haunted Camping

What if suddenly you come to know there exist a place like "Vuter Rajar Desh" of Satyajit Ray's Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. I bet you will be excited and if you are a Bengali you must be thrilled. So, yes there is a place. If you really want to feel the thrill of paranormal presence around you Mangalganj is the place. Located 100kms from Kolkata it is a small village nestled among green and serenity. The chirping birds, the gentle breeze of the forest and the soothing sound of the Ichamoti will make you feel connected to nature. Also, it is famous for the old, now derelict Rajbari known as 'Kata Saheber Kuthi'. Originally built by Maharaja Mangalchandra the 'kuthi' have many chapters in its history. During the British rule, it was a 'Nilkuthi' and so it is the mute spectator of the brutal tortures of the British to force the locals to farm only 'nil' or the blue dye. Then came the Swadeshi movement. The life and death of many freedom fighters were also written on the walls of this place. But this place has more than the eyes can see. As the night creeps in surely it will make you feel the presence of beings that will send a chill down your spine. The howling bamboo forest, the bats and owls definitely won't make things any better. And in that darkness, as the wind whispers in unknown signs maybe someone will suddenly appear right behind you and all you can feel is his cold breath on your shoulder.