Izifiso Backpackeing Options

Beach Camping

Mousuni is a small Island of the Sunderban Delta. Its beauty lies in the confluence of the sea with the river. Your stay at Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp, Mousuni Island is going to be a unique and exciting experience in itself. Though this camp doesn't have the luxury of five star hotels, it will give you the experience of billion stars, the song of the sea and the whispering winds. Starting from fishing to beach cycling, from playing volleyball in the sand to laying idly with your favorite book on the hammock or looking at the magical sky during sunrise and sunset or enjoy star gazing for hours sitting at the gazebo, our camp has a whole bunch of exciting experiences to feed your Backpacking Soul.

Lake camping

Doladanga is a small village situated in rural regions of Purulia district in West Bengal. This tiny hamlet with only 13 houses in situated in the serene green forest just opposite the famous mukutmanipur dam. The Sonajhuru forest surrounding the small hamlet, the beautiful kangsabati lake and the simplicity of a tribal life make this place a peaceful refuge where your heart will want to come back again and again.

Into the wild camping

Gurdum, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas is a small hamlet located in the Singalila National Park. Located at 8000 ft above sea level, the coniferous branches and the rhododendrons welcome you with their nutty smell and bright colours. The warm and welcoming smiles of the locals align beautifully with the lush scenic beauty and the true essence of the Himalayas. Who needs five stars when you have the entire Milky Way to accompany you? With our unique accommodation targeted to make your experience worth remembering, you have the choice to live an “Into the wild” experience with a camper’s van or stick with the classic charm of outdoor tents. Either way you will find yourself writing your one of a kind travel late.

Beach Camping

Purusottomopur is a small village sandwiched between the famous Mandarmoni Beach and Pichaboni Estuary. The uniqueness of this place is the carpet of red crabs that spreads all along the beach. the number is so huge that people call it the 'lal-kakra beach' ('red-crab beach'). However we call our camp Paper Boat Backpackers' camp because chasing after the red crabs, splashing in the pool and all the fun activities will bring back your childhood to you. So ride in a Paper Boat and come join us at Backpackers' Camp.

One Horned Rhino Camping

Kaziranga Backpackers' Camp is ideally located & designed for all those outdoor adventure lovers who seeks for opportunity to live with the nature. The closest accommodation to the Kaziranga National Park with camping experience and traditional foods. We grow our own vegetables at our organic kitchen garden and offer you to pluck your own vegetables. We are as close as taking selfie with the rhinos but don't worry we have provided you the security by placing Solar Power Fence to the entire campus. Surrounded by migratory birds, hog deer, swamp deer, few wild buffalo and with the gazing stars all around at night, we can assure you some goose bumps.

Into the Cloud Camping

Chitrey is a small mountain hamlet in the Singalila National Park of Darjeeling. Located at an altitude of 8340 ft. It is a place where you will find peace and serenity in abundance. The mornings greet you with an enchanting view of the Kanchanjunga, while millions of starts lit up your night sky. The view of Darjeeling city glittering like a crown jewel is something you can put in your 'once in a lifetime' experience list. So if you wanna get away from the hustel bustel of everyday life in search of peace and rest, Chitrey is your next stop.

Haunted Camping

What if suddenly you come to know there exist a place like "Vuter Rajar Desh" of Satyajit Ray's Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. I bet you will be excited and if you are a Bengali you must be thrilled. So, yes there is a place. If you really want to feel the thrill of paranormal presence around you Mangalganj is the place. Located 100kms from Kolkata it is a small village nestled among green and serenity. The chirping birds, the gentle breeze of the forest and the soothing sound of the Ichamoti will make you feel connected to nature. Also, it is famous for the old, now derelict Rajbari known as 'Kata Saheber Kuthi'. Originally built by Maharaja Mangalchandra the 'kuthi' have many chapters in its history. During the British rule, it was a 'Nilkuthi' and so it is the mute spectator of the brutal tortures of the British to force the locals to farm only 'nil' or the blue dye. Then came the Swadeshi movement. The life and death of many freedom fighters were also written on the walls of this place. But this place has more than the eyes can see. As the night creeps in surely it will make you feel the presence of beings that will send a chill down your spine. The howling bamboo forest, the bats and owls definitely won't make things any better. And in that darkness, as the wind whispers in unknown signs maybe someone will suddenly appear right behind you and all you can feel is his cold breath on your shoulder.

Forest Camp

Nestled in the land of red soil and green mounds, Mathaburu is one of the peaks of Ayodha hills in Purulia district of West Bengal. The area is known for its secluded wilderness and rich cultural festivities. Mathaburu has always been a magnet for trekkers and devotes alike for its serene natural beauty, challenging landscape and mythological history. During the summer months the fiery red of the ‘Polash’ flower drapes the valley in a majestic almost surreal beauty. Because it is an elephant corridor and a reserve forest the area is thronged by wildlife and birds making it a nature lover’s paradise. Due to its mythological significance a number of festivals are celebrated here like the Tusu festival and the Makar-sankranti festival during winter. The rich cultural heritage of the tribal people is an experience in itself. Also this part of Purulia is the birthplace of the famous masked martial danced performance called “Chaunach”.

Musical Camp

Imagine lying in a hammock amidst a forest, beside a river, far from the chaos and noise of city life, and watching forest birds chirping and playfully flying around you. And if this was not enough, you suddenly hear a baul singing with his ektara some local folklore. Well, now you don’t have to imagine. Mundira Musical Camp offers you exactly the pleasant respite what you are looking for, a much needed detox for your mind and soul. Mundira Musical Camp is located at Joydev Kenduli, a small village in the Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum District, West Bengal. The camp is situated just in the middle of a dense forest beside the northern bank of the Ajay river