Mundira Backpackers Camp

Mundira Backpackers Camp

Imagine lying in a hammock amidst a forest, beside a river, far from the chaos and noise of city life, and watching forest birds chirping and playfully flying around you. And if this was not enough, you suddenly hear a baul singing with his ektara some local folklore. Well, now you don’t have to imagine. Mundira Musical Camp offers you exactly the pleasant respite what you are looking for, a much needed detox for your mind and soul. Mundira Musical Camp is located at Joydev Kenduli, a small village in the Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum District, West Bengal. The camp is situated just in the middle of a dense forest beside the northern bank of the Ajay river


While Joydev Kenduli gives you serenity of the forest and the divinity of local baul folklores, Mundira Musical Camp gives you a variety of exciting experiences. Family Tents (Rs. 1400/- per head per day including food, stay and mineral water) is set up at the camp site for your accommodation.

The camp site has common western toilets cum bath with 24 hours running water. We have a dining space where you can enjoy your food and the forest cum river view together.

But probably the most unique thing about this camp, is the Baul Ankhra where you can enjoy baul songs and folklore stories from the local baul artists.

In the evening, you can enjoy baul songs with a plate full of delicious chicken barbeque (not included in package). The hammocks and the gazebo are there to relax you while the forest breeze soothes your tired soul.

How to reach Mundira Musical Camp ?

1. Take bus from Esplanade to Illambazer (State Bus). Then take toto (150/- to 200/-) from Illambazer to Mundira Musical Camp.

2. Take bus from Esplanade to Durgapur muchipara bus stand. Then take bus to Joydev Kenduli. You can reach the camp by 5 min walking distance

3. Reach Bolpur station and take bus from bus stand to Joydev Kenduli.  You can reach the camp by 5 min walking distance

4. Reach Durgapur station. Then take bus to Joydev Kenduli. You can reach the camp by 5 min walking distance

When you are at Mundira Musical Camp we give you the best opportunity to enjoy a forest and riverside stay while you make new friends and share wonderful stories.

While a riverside walk is something that you definitely shouldn’t miss but listening to baul songs in the ankhra with chicken barbeque is the best part of our camp.

You can join our team and explore the local area, mainly the baul ashrams which is rich in cultural and historical significance. You can also plan a bird watching walk.

Being an integral part of responsible tourism, Izifiso always focuses on lending a helping hand in developing the places they touch.
In Joydev Kenduli, Izifiso is employing only the local people for all the areas where manpower is needed. This helps in woman empowerment and overall betterment of the livelihood of the people, making them more confident.
We also try to work for education of local children with an idea to set an educational center in the area in near future.

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