Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp

Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp

Mousuni Island doesn't have the luxury of five star hotels but it will give you the experience of billion stars, the song of the sea and the whispering winds. Your stay at Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp, is going to be a unique and exciting experience in itself. Starting from fishing to beach cycling, from playing volleyball in the sand to laying idly with your favorite book on the hammock or looking at the magical sky during sunset or enjoy star gazing for hours sitting at the gazebo.


  • Where to Stay and What to Eat at Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp? 

While Mousuni Island gives you serenity of the sea, Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp gives you a variety of exciting experiences. A whole bunch of stay options are available to choose from, like Adventure Tents (Rs. 1200/- per head per day), Family Tents (Rs. 1300/- per head per day), Mud Cottages (Rs. 1400/- per head per day) or Villa Swiss Tent (Rs. 1600/- per head per day). The adventure tents/family tents and mud cottages have four common western toilets cum bath with 24 hours running water whereas the villa swiss tents have attached toilet facility. We have a community centre cum dining space where you can enjoy your food and the sea view together. In the evening, enjoy campfire stories with a plate full of delicious chicken barbeque or fried fish (not included in package). The hammocks and the gazebo are there to relax you while the sea breeze soothes your tired soul. 


 11:00 A.M: Check in Welcome Drinks (Nimbu Pani / Coconut Water)

01:30 P.M : Lunch (Rice, Dal, Brinjal fry, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry)

06:00 P.M : Evening Snacks (Pakora, Puffed Rice, Tea)

09:00 P.M : Dinner (Rice / Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)

(Next Day)

08:00 A.M : Breakfast (Puri, Vegetable Curry, Boiled Egg, Tea)

  • How to reach Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp ?

  • Reach Namkhana by bus or train (Rs. 30/- from Sealdah).

  • Take motor van to ferry ghat (Rs. 10/- per head) and cross the Hatania Dotania river by boat (5minutes ride, Rs. 2/- per head or reserve at Rs. 40/- per boat).

    OR,  Take toto to Namkhana Bus Stand (toto service through fly over)
  • Take Tata Magic (every 15mins service) and reach Bagdanga Ferry Ghat (Backpackers) (Shared Rs. 15/- per head or reserved car Rs. 350/- per vehicle) / Durgapur Ferry Ghat  (for Four Wheelers) / Huzzuti Ferry Ghat (for Bikers) (45mins ride).

  • Cross Chinai river and reach Bagdanga by boat (10 mins ride, Rs. 3/- per head). From Bagdanga, Motor van and Toto available at Rs. 25/- per head.

(For car parking at Durgapur Ghat , contact us before your trip.)


Detailed train timings from Shealdah and Namkhana :

  • Shealdah - Namkhana: 4:00 A.M, 5:12 A.M, 7:14 A.M, 9:16 A.M, 10:12 A.M. (From Ballyngunge), 11:50 A.M, 1:20 P.M, 2:20 P.M, 4:43 P.M, 5:28 P.M, 6:57 P.M. (Except Sunday), 8:30 P.M. (Upto Kakdwip), 9:30 P.M. 

  • Namkhana - Shealdah: 4:07 A.M, 4:37 A.M, 5:55 A.M, 7:26 A.M, 8:12 A.M, 10:20 A.M, 12:28 A.M, 1:32 P.M. (Upto Ballygunge), 3:00 P.M, 4:33 P.M, 5:32 P.M, 7:45 P.M, 8:46 P.M, 10:10 P.M. (Upto Laxmikantapur). 


Izifiso will not be responsible for any changes in train timings. Please check IRCTC before travelling. 

  • What to do at Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp ?

When you are at Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp we give you the best opportunity to enjoy a beach stay while you make new friends and share wonderful stories. While beach cycling or volleyball is something that you definitely shouldn’t miss but campfire with chicken barbeque is the best part of our camp. Witness the most beautiful sunrise and sunset and take a night walk on the beach under a million stars with the waves crashing at your feet.

You can join our team and explore the local area, mainly the fisherman colony which is badly affected by sea level rise and an adventurous journey to the mangrove area. You can also plan a bird watching walk.

  • How Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp helps the local community ?

Being an integral part of responsible tourism, Izifiso always focuses on lending a helping hand in developing the places they touch. In Mousuni Island, Izifiso is employing only the local people for all the areas where manpower is needed. This helps in woman empowerment and overall betterment of the livelihood of the people, making them more confident.

We also try to work for education of local children with an idea to set an educational center in the area in near future.

  • Where is Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp?

Mousuni is a small Island at the Namkhana block, in the western part of Sunderban Delta. It is surrounded in the west by the Muriganga river, in the east by the Chinai river and in the South by the Bay of Bengal. You will find Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp in the salt region of Mousuni Island (Click here for Google location).


  • How to reach Mousuni Island from Kolkata?

Reach Namkhana by bus or train > take one motor van to ferry ghat> cross the Hatania Dotania river by boat > take Tata Magic/any public car and reach Bagdanga Ferry Ghat (Normal backpackers) / Durgapur Ferry Ghat (for Four Wheelers) / Huzzuti Ferry Ghat (for Bikers) > cross Chinai river and reach Bagdanga by boat > from Bagdanga take a Motor van and Toto directly up to Backpackers’ Camp.


  • What is the distance from Kolkata to Mousuni Island?

Mousuni Island is approximately 120 km from the City of Joy, Kolkata.


  • How can I book the Backpackers’ Camp and what is the booking cost?

You can book directly from Izifiso site by clicking “BOOK MOUSUNI ISLAND BACKPACKERS’ CAMP” in the camp section. Click on your stay option to check availability in your dates and then click on the “Book Your Stay Now” button and fill in the details. In case you are trying to book from mobile you will have to check availability directly from booking page. 


  • What does Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp trip package include?

Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp focuses mainly on experience. Once your booking is done we will take care of your stay and food. We serve packaged drinking water in our campsite for and organize campfire regularly after sunset. You can add chicken barbeque during your campfire by paying extra and for that you have to inform our camp-in-charge well in advance. Evening beach walk or Morning Mangrove walk can be a very good addition to your stay at Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp.


  • What are the different kinds of accommodation available in Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp ?

       Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp gives you a variety of stay options like adventure tents, family tents or mud cottages/mud huts and villa swiss tents.

  • Mud Huts - Maximum 3 people can stay easily in these huts. Rs. 1400/- per head per day including stay, food, campfire and packaged drinking water.
  • Adventure Tents - Maximum 2 people can stay easily in these tents. Rs. 1200/- per head per day including stay, food, campfire and packaged drinking water.
  • Family Tents - Maximum 3 people can stay easily in these tents. Rs. 1300/- per head per day including stay, food, campfire and packaged drinking water.
  • Villa Swiss Tents - Maximum 4 people can stay easily in these tents. Rs. 1600/- per head per day including stay, food, campfire and packaged drinking water.


  • Do I need to pay full amount in advance for booking of Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp?

During booking you will get 2 options : Half and Full payment. If you choose half payment option, you have to pay the remaining amount before the day of your trip. We try avoid spot booking and cash collection at Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp.


  • What are the Washroom & Toilet facilities on the Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp?

 In camp site we have 4 western toilets with 24 hours running water. We maintain and clean toilets regularly. In case you need attached toilet, you can try our villa swiss tent option.


  • Can we expect electricity in the Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp?

 Yes. We have electricity in our campsite but try to consume minimum energy as possible. We decorate the entire camp site with tradition oil lamps to enhance the experience. We don’t have power backup as off now. We provide cooler fan and charging point in each tent.


  • What ind of food is served in the Camp? Should we have to carry any food ourselves?

 Izifiso serves lunch, dinner, evening snacks and breakfast (fixed menu) for every backpacker in our camp. If you want to add or change something in your menu, you have to inform camp-in-charge well in advance which again depends upon market availability.

Yes, you can carry foods, if you want to. We only provide foods as mentioned in our website.


  • Do we have to carry water with us for camping?

Izifiso provides packaged drinking water at campsite for regular consumption. Still, you can carry water, if you want to.


  • Will the Backpackers’ Camp provide us with Sleeping Bag or Bedding materials in the tents/huts?

Yes, Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp will provide sleeping materials like adequate amount of mattress, pillow, bed sheet and blanket.


  • Is the camping in Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp safe for solo female/male traveler?

Yes. Backpackers from many countries in the world and cities from India have visited and stayed at our campsite. They recommended our campsite safe for everyone. Our camp-in-charge will always be there to help you if required.


  • Is Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp family & kid friendly?

Yes. We love kids playing and roaming around our campus. So if you love adventure then you can bring your family and kids with you, we are sure they will enjoy our campsite (Click for review). 


  • What is the best time to visit Mousuni Island?

Mousuni Island is a nature lovers paradise and nature has different looks at different time. If you love adventure, Summer and Rainy season will be the best time. On the other hand, Winter will be the most pleasant of all but also is the busiest among all seasons.


  • What are the nearby places to visit from Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp?

You can try Bokkhali Beach, Henry Island, Ganga Sagar or take a boat from fisherman to visit little explored Jammu Island (Jambudwip) but landing is not allowed here. You can hire fisherman for a boat ride directly, if you wish to, though Izifiso will not take any responsibility regarding this.


  • Can I consume alcohol in the campsite?

Mousuni Island Backpackers’ Camp is an adventurous campsite providing experiences very close to nature. As alcohol consumption is injurious to health, we strongly discourage the drinking of alcohol in the campsite.

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