Gurdum Backpackers' Camp

Gurdum Backpackers' Camp

Gurdum, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas is a small hamlet located in the Singalila National Park. Located at 8000 ft above sea level, the coniferous branches and the rhododendrons welcome you with their nutty smell and bright colours. The warm and welcoming smiles of the locals align beautifully with the lush scenic beauty and the true essence of the Himalayas. Who needs five stars when you have the entire Milky Way to accompany you? With our unique accommodation targeted to make your experience worth remembering, you have the choice to live an “Into the wild” experience with a camper’s van or stick with the classic charm of outdoor tents. Either way you will find yourself writing your one of a kind travel late.


In Gurdum we have three kind accomodation to offer you: 

Camper van : Vans converted to camping space where 2 people can easily stay and experience the nature. We recommend only adventure lovers to stay in Camper vans. Camper van stay will cost 1200/- per head including food, stay and campfire.  


Adventure tents: Adventure tents are the cheapest and best option to experience Gurdum and Singalila National Park. Adventure tents will cost 1000/- per head including food, stay and campfire. 


Recently we have added another option a backpackers' hostel/homestay which will definately give you another dimension to experience. These costs 1100/- per head including food, stay and campfire.

Feed your Backpacking Soul

11:00 A.M. Check in Welcome Drinks. 

01:30 P.M. Lunch (Rice, Dal, Vegetable Curry, Egg Curry or Similar)

06:00 P.M. Evening Snacks (Vegetable Pakora, Puffed Rice, Tea)

09:00 P.M. Dinner (Rice/Roti, Dal, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry or Similar)

08:00 A.M. Breakfast (Puri, Vegetable Curry, Tea or Similar)

Food menu may change depending upon availability and timing of check in. 

Reach NJP via road or rail. From NJP take a share auto to Darjeeling more. From there you will get share cabs for Rimbik. These cabs will directly drop you at Gurdum but they come less frequently. Or else from 'Darjeeling more' take a share cab to Manebhanjan and from Manebhanjan another  share cab to Gurdum. If you are coming via Darjeeling take a share cab to Sukhiapokhri. From there same way reach Manebhanjan and then Gurdum. Also we can reserve a vehicle from Siliguri to reach Gurdum. 

Distance from N.J.P station to Gurdum Backpackers' Camp:

N.J.P to Ghum (70 Kms.) - Sukhiya Pokhri (12 Kms.) - Manebhanjan (6 Kms.) - Gurdum Backpackers' Camp (5 Kms.)


Nearby Places: 

Majua River trek point: 1 Km (motorable route) - 2 Kms. (Trek route)

Chitrey (Nepal): 5 Kms. (Trek route) 

Lamheydura (Nepal): 3 Kms. (Trek route)

Sandakphu : 26 Kms. (Motorable/trek route)

Darjeeling : 25 Kms. 

We aim to make your experience the awe-inspiring mountains in it’s purest form. We wish to be a part of your journey as you walk on “the road not taken” into the deepest secrets that the serene Himalayas possess. Weave your own magic with a tailor-made experience just for your senses.

River crossing: Garnish your sense of adventure as you tick off an adventure sport from your bucket list. We believe on adding a new dimension to every experience that you choose to have. Hence, on your discretion you live a story that only a handful may know of.

Consisting of some fifteen families, the population at Gurdum mostly includes followers of Buddhism. Working mainly as porters and farmers, the meagre and simple lifestyle of the local community brings contentment to their kind and friendly nature.
Not only will your journey take you through an unexplored mine of natural beauty, but it will also allow you to interact with the locals : enriching you with their simple philosophy of life.

  • Where is Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

Gurdum is a small village in the lap of the Himalayas located in the Southern fringe of Singalila National Park and to the west of Darjeeling.  Manebhanjan is the best-known location here, which lies just 7 km north from the Gurdum Camp. You will find Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp en route to Rimbik from Manebhanjan (Click here for Google location).


  • How to reach Gurdum from Kolkata?

Route 1: Reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP) by bus or train > From NJP Railway station or bus stand reach Darjeeling More by a shared auto > from Darjeeling More take share cab to Rimbik, which will directly drop you at Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp. 

Route 2: Reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP) by bus or train > From NJP Railway station or bus stand reach Darjeeling More by a shared auto > from Darjeeling More take share cab to Manebhanjan> from Manebhanjan take share cab to Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.

Route 3: Reach Darjeeling by bus or train> from Darjeeling take a shared cab to Sukhiapokhri> from Sukhiapokhri take share cab to Manebhanjan > from Manebhanjan take share cab to Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.

Route 4: Reach Siliguri > book a personal vehicle from Siliguri up to Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.


  •  What is the distance from Kolkata to Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

Gurdum is approximately 80 km from Siliguri via Sukhiya pokhri and 73 Km via Mirik.


  • How can I book the Backpackers’ Camp and what is the booking price?

You can book directly from Izifiso site by clicking “BOOK GURDUM BACKPACKERS’ CAMP” in the Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp section. Click on your stay option to check availability in your dates and then click on the “Book Your Stay Now” button and fill in the details. In case you are trying to book from mobile, you will have to check availability directly from the booking page


  • What does Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp trip package include?

Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp focuses mainly on experience. Once your booking is done we will take care of your stay and food. You can add chicken barbeque during your campfire by paying extra and for that, you have to inform our camp-in-charge well in advance. A downhill trek to a local waterfall on Sauji Khola river or an uphill trek to Chitrey and Lameydhure can be a very good addition to your stay at Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.


  • What are the different kinds of accommodation available in Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp gives you a couple of accommodations: Tents, Hostel/Homestay, and Camper Vans.

Tents - Maximum 3 people can stay easily in these tents. Rs. 1000/-  per head per day including stay, food, campfire.

Hostel/Homestay - Maximum 4 people can stay easily in each room. Rs. 1100/- per head per day including stay, food, campfire.

Camper Van Stay - Maximum 2 people can stay easily in each van. Rs. 1200/- per head per day including stay, food, campfire.


  • Do I need to pay the full amount in advance for booking of Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

During booking, you will get 2 options: Half and Full payment. If you choose half payment option, you have to pay the remaining amount before the day of your trip. We try to avoid spot booking and cash collection at Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.


  • What are the Washroom & Toilet facilities on the Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

In the tent site, we have 1 western toilet with 24 hours of running water. We maintain and clean the toilets regularly. In case you need an attached toilet, you have to try Gurdum Homestay /Hostel.


  • Can we expect electricity in the Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

 Yes, Izifiso provides electricity in Gurdum Homestay /Hostel and Camper Vans but try to consume minimum energy as possible. We decorate the entire campsite with tradition oil lamps to enhance the experience. We don’t have power backup as of now. We provide charging point in each Gurdum Homestay /Hostel room and Camper Van.


  • What kind of food is served in the Camp? Should we have to carry any food ourselves?

 Izifiso serves lunch, dinner, evening snacks and breakfast (fixed menu) for every backpacker in our camp. If you want to add or change something in your menu, you have to inform camp-in-charge well in advance which again depends upon market availability.

Yes, you can carry foods, if you want . We only provide foods as mentioned on our website.


  •  Do we have to carry water with us for camping?

Izifiso does not provide packaged drinking water at the campsite for regular consumption. You can carry water or buy packaged water from a local store if you want to.


  • Will the Backpackers’ Camp provide us with Sleeping Bag or Bedding materials in the tents/huts?

Yes, Izifiso will provide sleeping materials like an adequate amount of mattress, pillow, bedsheet, blanket and sleeping bag in Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.


  • Is the camping in Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp safe for solo female/male traveler?

Yes. Backpackers from many countries in the world and cities from India have visited and stayed at our campsite. They recommended our campsite safe for everyone. Our camp-in-charge will always be there to help you if required.


  • Is Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp family & kid-friendly?

Yes. We love kids playing and roaming around our campus. So if you love adventure then you can bring your family and kids with you, we are sure they will enjoy our campsite.


  • What is the best time to visit Gurdum?

Gurdum is a nature lovers paradise and nature has different looks at different time. If you love adventure Rainy season will be the best time. On the other hand, Winter and Summer will be the most pleasant of all in this nature camp but also is the busiest among all seasons.


  • What are the nearby places to visit from Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp?

A downhill trek to a local waterfall on Sauji Khola river or an uphill trek to Chitrey and Lameydhure can be a very good addition to your stay at Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp.


  • Can I consume alcohol in the campsite?

Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp is an adventurous campsite providing experiences very close to nature. As alcohol consumption is injurious to health, more so in high altitudes, we strongly discourage the drinking of alcohol in the campsite.

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