Gurdum, a small village in the lap of the mountains, is the place where you were dreaming to escape this coming short holidays. Whether you have a short trek in your mind or just a peaceful escape to nature Gurdum welcomes you to experience the beauty of the mountains in it’s purest form. Close to the Singalila national park Gurdum is a place where one can have ocean of clouds at their feet and smell of the green all around. At night, queen of the hills, Darjeeling, glitters like a crown jewel while millions of stars dazzle the night sky. Also the people of Gurdum, their simplicity and care and the local folklores add value to this place

What you can experience in Gurdum?

The most refreshing experience of Gurdum is the place itself, the awe inspiring beauty of the mountains, the snow capped peaks, the green of the pines, the fresh air, the song of the chirping birds and flowing rivers all add charm to this heavenly place. Also you can plan for small treks like “into the wild” trek through the forests to see the breathtaking view of the Kanchenjungha or the river trek to the gurgling Saujikhola by the shades of the pines. With the unique accommodation targeted to make your experience worth remembering, you have the choice to live in a camper van or stick to the classic charm of outdoor tents. Light up the night with music, food and folklores before a warm crackling fire. 

The Heaven’s Valley (Gurdum Backpackers’ Camp)

What is the best way to explore Gurdum (day wise)?

  • Day1: First day you can travel from NJP to Gurdum by car with short stopover at Mirik and Pashupatinath market and overnight stay at Gurdum.
  • Day 2: Go for an early morning trek through the forests to see the kanchenjungha. Come back and relax in the camp.
  • Day 3: After breakfast go for the river trek and soak in the beauty of the place. Back to the camp and enjoy the food and folklores over the campfire.
  • Day 4: Return back from Gurdum to NJP.

What are things to keep in mind before planning for Gurdum?

The most crucial point of exploring any place are the local people. The more you interact with the locals the more wonderful stories you will find out. But at the same time it’s very important not to offend the people in any way. Also proper clothing like heavy or light winter clothes depending on the season, sunglasses, water bottles are some of the important things that you must carry. Always travel responsibly that is, never throw any garbage and help to maintain the sanctity of this beautiful place and help nature breathe. Carry a polythene bag if needed  to keep all your dumps, so that you can dispose them at proper place. And it’s always great to travel light so that you can carry your own baggage easily at all times.

How to reach Gurdum?

Reach NJP via road or rail. From NJP take a share auto to Darjeeling more. From there you will get share cabs for Rimbik. These cabs will directly drop you at Gurdum but they come less frequently. Or else from Darjeeling more take a share cab to Manebhanjan and from Manebhanjan another  share cab to Gurdum. If you are coming via Darjeeling take a share cab to Sukhiapokhri. From there same way reach Manebhanjan and then Gurdum. Also we can reserve a vehicle from Siliguri to reach Gurdum. 

What is the minimum cost for Gurdum?

Gurdum is a very light budget travel. The expenses for Gurdum per head are  somewhat like this-Travel to and fro from NJP: Rs.800/- (Share car) Rs. 7200/- (Reserve Car)*Stay at camper van : Rs.1200/- *Stay at tent (for the whole stay): Rs.1000/- *Cost for into the wild trek: Rs.500/- *Cost for river trek: Rs.500/