A million star campsite for ‘Beach Camping’ at Backpackers’ Camp in Mousuni Island

A quiet fishing hamlet located near Namkhana, Mousuni may be difficult to reach (one has to avail multiple modes of transit which include rail, roadways and boatways, taking at least 6 hours from Kolkata) but once you reach there, expect Mousuni to touch your soul with its earthy warmth and simplicity.

They will share you how to unwind.

Staying in a tent by the seashore on a full moon night, enjoying a campfire with pleasant company, making new friends with fellow campers or the friendly locals or simply lazy hours on the hammock. It’s a detox for your soul stuck in the mindless rat-race that defines our lives now.

Adventure tents for 2 people
  • Only two points as advice for would-be travelers:
  • Don’t come in expecting hotel-like facilities or services and you will be surprised to know how less these frills matter when your soul just wants to unwind.
  • The day-to-day servicing is entirely run by locals. Treat them with respect as equals and you may get to hear a nice story or two instead of throwing tantrums on their service lapses.
Sunset is something at Mousuni no one should miss

Personally had a great time with Priyanka Kar and Saurav Chakrabarty.. thanks for having us with you guys..☺️

For more details please visit Izifiso Backpackers’ Camp official site