Mousuni island sunset and people waiting for the loved ones to come and join.
Waiting for loved ones
Children playing football at MOusuni Island Baliara beach in fornt of Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp.
Beach football and childhood memories
Fisherman colony in mousuni island
Whole day collection
People returning to home after collecting woods from the beach brought by waves. kind of beach cleaning at Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp.
Its time to return
MOusuni island affects of global warming and sea level rise.
Another black and white day is over
children playing on the beach mousuni island
Still waiting for a better tomorrow

For more details contact Izifiso  (7980514477 / 9836505038 / 9330342689 )
Nearest Railway Station : NAmkhana
Distance from Kolkata : 120 Km
For booking visit Mousuni Island Backpackers Camp