Love the thrill and adventure of places known to have witnessed spine-chilling, paranormal activities? Izifiso brings you the exciting stories of Dow Hill, Kurseong, one of the most popularly haunted hill stations in India directly to your bonfire at our its recommended camping sites in the very place itself. Where? How? Read on to find out!

About 30 kms away from Darjeeling lies Dow Hill in Kurseong known to have played host to a host of nerve-wracking paranormal activities, apart from being enwrapped in mountainous beauty, orchid gardens, tea plantations, hilly forests and more. The infamous Death Road where a headless ghost is said to have appeared multiple times, a haunted school where footsteps and whispers are heard in the dark, Dow Hill holds plenty of unexplained secrets. At our recommended campsites, you can enjoy the vibe of horror created by the local storytellers who make you familiar with the haunting secrets of this thrilling place. And when you need a break from the horror, trekking and hiking along the beautiful mountains will let you take a fresh breath. Hurry up and book your adventurous stay at Dow Hill now!


Dow Hill, Kurseong
NEAREST RAILWAY STATION: New Jalpaiguri (45kms)
NEAREST BUSSTAND : Tenzing Norgay  (40kms)

Long treks 
Day hikes  

Family Cottage (1600/- per head):  3 people per room, Attach toilet 
Friends' Cottage(1600/- per head): 4 people per room, individual toilet
Children : 0-4 yrs Free   
                 5-10 yrs 1000/-

11:00 A.M: Check-in & Accommodation allotment 
01:30 P.M : Lunch (Rice, Dal, Potato fry, Vegetable Curry, Egg Curry)
06:00 P.M : Evening Snacks (Maggie,Tea)
09:00 P.M : Dinner (Rice / Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)
10:00 P.M: Main Gate closing time. 
(Next Day)
08:00 A.M : Breakfast (Puri, Vegetable Curry, Tea)
10:00 A.M : Check-out 

  • Free hot water
  • Free wifi
  • Electricity
  • Solar powered
  • Free Parking
  • Paid Guide
Cancellation Policy


  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 700.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 16 + days before trip day 400.00/- per head per day
  • Reschedule

  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 250.00/- per head per day
  • 16 - 31 days before trip day 200.00/- per head per day
  • 32 + days before trip day 100.00/- per head per day
  • F.A.Q

    1. How to reach the campsite?
    You can reach the campsite by reserving a car from NJP to Hill 66 homestay which will cost you around 2500/- for a Tata SUV or similar or you can take share cars from Darjeeling More to Kurseong railway station will cost you 250/- then Kurseong more to homestay rs 50/- if share available else 200/- for a reserve car.
    2. What are the staying option available at the campsite?
    Homestay is available at Dow Hill. 
    3. What we will get at this price?
    Accommodation and Food are included in the package but you can order Chicken Barbeque and other foods at the campsite depending upon availability. 
    4. Facilities available at the campsite?
    Running water and western toilets. Car pickup-drop and Guide facilities on request are available at the campsite. 
    5. Safety at your campsite?
    As local people run our camps, we can assume they are the best person to provide safety. 
    6. Alcohol consumption?
     Dow hill is an adventurous campsite providing experiences very close to nature. As alcohol consumption injures health, we strongly discourage drinking alcohol on the campsite.
    7. What are the nearby places we can visit during our stay?
    As Every part of the Himalayas is worth taking a photo still we can name a few like - Dow hill school, Rock garden, Victoria school, Haunted place, Bagoda forest, Hanuman top,Eagles' crag, Chimney village
    9. How to book the campsite?
    You can book directly from our website by checking availability on your planned date and clicking on the book now button. Check this video for reference. 
    10 . How can I cancel or change trip dates?
    You can cancel your booking anytime from your profile page at our site. Check the video for reference. Please also check the policy before canceling your trip. 




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