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Who could think of a river dam becoming an entertaining and popular tourist spot, with lots of fun leisure activities and scope for natural exploration? We at Izifiso can think exactly of that, and have discovered a great deal more for you to have the perfect getaway at affordable prices at Futiyari lake, West Bengal.

The Futiyari river flows through the Purulia district of West Bengal. On it is the Futiyari dam, which is now known as the Futiyari Lake due to the growing tourist demand of the site due to its natural beauty and potential for tourism industry. Right through the red soil roads of Bankura, you can reach this beautiful place where you can spot various migratory birds on the said lake, have a serene time by the waterside as well as watch the beautiful water lilies dotting the waterbody. Boating in the lake is another choice of leisure for you, as well as kayaking that is however only available from December to February. Moreover, there are nearby attractive destinations like the Tilabari Hill for rock climbing, The Sindurpur Hill from where originates the Darakeswar river, the Kasipur Rajbari and Panjonia Granide Pahar. Our campsites add to your adventure with bonfire facilities combined with sumptuous barbeque served at the fireside. Hurry up and book your getaway to Futiyari Lake now!


Futiyari Lake,Purulia
NEAREST BUSSTAND: Ladurka (5kms)

Jungle walk
Activities at lake 
Kayaking (Dec-Jan-Feb)

Friends Stay(1500/-per head): 20 head in a Dormitory, Attach toilet 
Family Stay(1750/- per head): 4 people in a room, Attach toilet 
Children : 0-4 yrs Free   
                 5-10 yrs 800/-

11:00 A.M: Check-in & Accommodation allotment 
                  Welcome Drinks (Nimbu Pani)
01:30 P.M : Lunch (Rice, Dal, fry, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry)
06:00 P.M : Evening Snacks (Pakora/peyaji,Cha/coffee)
09:00 P.M : Dinner (Rice / Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)
(Next Day)
08:00 A.M : Breakfast (Roti/Parota, Vegetable Curry, Boiled Egg)
10:00 A.M : Check-out 

  • Free hot water
  • Western Toilet
  • Free campfire
  • Electricity
  • Free Parking
Cancellation Policy


  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 700.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 16 + days before trip day 400.00/- per head per day
  • Reschedule

  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 250.00/- per head per day
  • 16 - 31 days before trip day 200.00/- per head per day
  • 32 + days before trip day 100.00/- per head per day
  • F.A.Q

    1. How to reach the campsite?
    Purulia is the nearest railway station, after reaching the station you can reserve a car which will cost you 1200 for a bolero 8 seater car and 800/- for a swift dzire 4 seater car, else you can reach by bus also, nearest bus stand is Ladurka you can reach there by bus from Kolkata and Durgapur also.
    2. What are the staying option available at the campsite?
    Friends stay and family stays are available at Futiyari homestay. 
    3. What we will get at this price?
    Accommodation, Food, and mineral water are included in the package but you can order Chicken Barbeque and campfire, and other foods at the campsite depending upon availability. 
    4. Facilities available at the campsite?
    Running water and western toilets. Car pickup-drop facilities on request are available at the campsite. 
    5. Safety at your campsite?
    As local people run our camps, we can assume they are the best person to provide safety. 
    6. Alcohol consumption?
    Doladanga is an adventurous campsite providing experiences very close to nature. As alcohol consumption is injurious to health, we strongly discourage the drinking of alcohol in the campsite.
    7. What are the nearby places we can visit during our stay?
    Nearby places that you can visit from the Campsite is  Tilabari Pahar(4km), Dwarakeswar Nad(5km), Kasipur Rajbari, Panjonia Granide pahar(7km) etc.
    9. How to book the campsite?
    You can book directly from our website by checking availability on your planned date and clicking on the book now button.
    10 . How can I cancel or change trip dates?
    You can cancel your booking anytime from your profile page at our site. Check the video for reference. Please also check the policy before canceling your trip.




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