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A busy work day. You look away from the blue monotone of your laptop to relieve your eyes with the inviting blue of the summer sky outside the window. Wait, is that the serene rhythm of waves lapping on sand in your mind? Or do you secretly want an escape from the mundane regularity, to the calming rhythm of the distant sand and sea? We at Izifiso have the perfect plan! 

In the heart of nature, marking a unique milestone where the sea and a river unite, sits a beautiful island in Namkhana, West Bengal. This is the Mousuni Island, a great tourist spot at approximately 120km distance from Kolkata, surrounded also by well known sea beaches like Bakkhali, Jambudwip and Laxmipur. If you crave a vacation sincerely in the lap of nature, if your hunger to explore and discover sites unknown to most eyes pulls you towards places imbued with natural richness and splendor, this is your clarion call. Izifiso provides you with all the necessary preparation for your escape into this verdant island, including location maps, travel routes and guides, tour packages as well as the best places to stay. Camping is a great way to enjoy intimate interaction with nature. Izifiso provides you leads to the best campsites, ensuring both adventure and comfort. Our range of destinations from cottages, tents and homestays will help you find ideal places to camp near the sea with prices that are friendly to the wallet which you can book online from the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Explore with Izifiso as we take you walking amid the lush mangroves, warm yourselves in bonfire on the cold sand of the winter night, and experience the beauty and hospitality of nature itself!


Mousuni Island,Namkhana,South 24 Pargana
NEAREST BUSSTAND : 10-mile (13kms)

Stories and music at Campfire
Mangrove walk
Boat ride to Jammu Island
Beach walk 

Pergola Tent (1400/- per head): Sea facing, 3 people per tent, Common toilet 
Family Tent (1200/-per head) :  3 people per tent, Common toilet
Family red tent(1200/-per head):  2 people per tent, Common toilet
Adventure tent(1300/- per head):2 people per tent, Common toilet
Family Cottage (1500/-per head): Sea facing, 3 people per room, Attach toilet 
Friends Cottage (1500/-per head): Sea facing, 4-5 people per room,  Attach toilet 
Driver Stay (1000/-): Only for drivers
Children : 0-4 yrs Free   
                 5-10 yrs 800/-

11:00 A.M: Check-in & Accommodation allotment 
                  Welcome Drinks (Nimbu Pani / Coconut Water)
01:30 P.M : Lunch (Rice, Dal, Brinjal fry, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry)
06:00 P.M : Evening Snacks (Pakora, Puffed Rice, Tea)
0:700 P.M : Campfire 
09:00 P.M : Dinner (Rice / Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)
10:00 P.M: Main Gate closing time. 
(Next Day)
08:00 A.M : Breakfast (Puri, Vegetable Curry, Boiled Egg, Tea)
10:00 A.M : Check-out 

  • Western Toilet
  • Free campfire
  • Electricity
  • Paid hot water
  • Free Packaged water
Cancellation Policy


  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 700.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 16 + days before trip day 400.00/- per head per day
  • Reschedule

  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 250.00/- per head per day
  • 16 - 31 days before trip day 200.00/- per head per day
  • 32 + days before trip day 100.00/- per head per day
  • F.A.Q

    • How do we reach the campsite?

    You can reach the campsite by Train from Sealdah to Namkhana or by bus from Esplanade to 10-mile, after that take a toto or machine van and reach Patibunia ghat/Hujjutir ghat, then crossing ferry ghat take a toto directly for the campsite. 

    • What are the staying options at the campsite?

    Pergola tent, family tent, adventure tents and cottages are available at Mousuni. 

    • What will we get at this price?

    Accommodation, Food, Packaged drinking water and Campfire are included in the package but you can order Chicken Barbeque and other foods at the campsite depending upon availability. 

    • Facilities available at the campsite?

    Running water and western toilets. Toto pickup-drop facilities on request are available at the campsite. 

    • Safety at your campsite?

    As local people run our camps, we can assume they are the best person to provide safety. 

    • Alcohol consumption?

    Mousuni is an adventurous campsite providing experiences very close to nature. As alcohol consumption is injurious to health, we strongly discourage the drinking of alcohol at the campsite.

    • What are the nearby tourist spots/places we can visit during our stay?

    As every part of the Bay of Bengal is worth taking a photo still we can name a few like -Bakkhali, Henry Island, Jammu dip are very closeby to Mousuni. 

    • How to book tents or cottages at the campsite?

    You can book directly from our website by checking availability on your planned date and clicking on the book now button. Check this video for reference. 

    • How can I cancel or change my trip dates?

    You can cancel your booking anytime from your profile page on our site. Check the video for reference. Please also check the policy before canceling your trip.





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