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If you love connecting your soul to the soil, if you love diving deep into the roots of nature and culture all around, then listen up! We bring you the perfect holiday all packed and planned right upon your screen!

With Izifiso, you get to breathe in the essence of cultural heritage from the historically famous soils of Birbhum, West Bengal, that have played host to the genius of universally acclaimed poets and composers like Rabindranath Tagore and Jaydeva. While Santiniketan stands as the eternal receptacle of Tagore’s literary and musical legacy, Mundira should be your ideal destination if you are an ardent enthusiast of traditional folk music. Located on the bank of River Ajay, Mundira is a village in Ilambazar tehsil near Joydev, Kenduli that is the famous birthplace of the great Jaydeva. At Mundira you will find Musical Akhras where local bauls(folk singers) pass the rich historical and spiritual legacy from generation to generation. At our recommended camping destinations in Mundira, you get good food, comfort, and natural beauty as well as the experience of musical camping --- bonfire coupled with folk music performed by the local bauls, while soft winds from the Ajay close by, keep drifting your way to add to the serenity of the experience. Also famously spectacular is the annual fair that is held on the occasion of Poush Sankranti every year, that sees myriad passionate lovers of the soil and its heritage. So buckle up for your soulful rendezvous with art and culture in Mundira!


Mundira, Joydev Kenduli, Birbhum
NEAREST BUSSTAND : Joydev Kenduli (2kms)

Baul music on request (Payable) 
Jungle walk

Family Canopy (1300/-per head) : 3 people per tent, Common toilet 
Adventure  Tent (1200/-per head) :  2 people per tent, Common toilet
Driver Stay (1000/-) : Only for drivers
Children : 0-4 yrs Free   
                 5-10 yrs 800/-

11:00 A.M: Check-in & Accommodation allotment 
                  Welcome Drinks (Nimbu Pani / Coconut Water)
01:30 P.M : Lunch (Rice, Dal, Brinjal fry, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry)
06:00 P.M : Evening Snacks (Pakora, Puffed Rice, Tea)
0:700 P.M : Campfire (Payable)
09:00 P.M : Dinner (Rice / Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)
10:00 P.M: Main Gate closing time. 
(Next Day)
08:00 A.M : Breakfast (Puri, Vegetable Curry, Boiled Egg, Tea)
10:00 A.M : Check-out 

  • Western Toilet
  • Electricity
  • Free Parking
  • Paid hot water
  • Free Packaged water
  • Car booking facility
Cancellation Policy


  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 700.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 16 + days before trip day 400.00/- per head per day
  • Reschedule

  • On trip day NO REFUND
  • 1 - 6 days before trip day 500.00/- per head per day
  • 7 - 15 days before trip day 250.00/- per head per day
  • 16 - 31 days before trip day 200.00/- per head per day
  • 32 + days before trip day 100.00/- per head per day
  • F.A.Q

    • How to reach the campsite?

    You can reach the campsite by train from Howrah to Durgapur,  then from Durgapur to Joydev Kenduli by bus or you can go directly by bus from Esplanade to Illambazar and then take a toto and directly reach the campsite. 

    • What are the staying options available at the campsite?

    Family tents and adventure tents are available at Mundira. 

    • What we will get at this price?

    Accommodation, Food, and mineral water are included in the package but you can order Chicken Barbeque and other foods at the campsite, and boul song on spot can also be arranged which will be chargeable, depending upon availability. 

    • Facilities available at the campsite?

    Running water and western toilets available. Car pickup-drop facilities on request are also available at the campsite. 

    • Safety at your campsite?

    As local people run our camps, we can assume they are the best people to provide safety. 

    • Alcohol consumption?

    Mundira is an adventurous campsite providing experiences very close to nature. As alcohol consumption is injurious to health, we strongly discourage the drinking of alcohol at the campsite.

    • What are the nearby places we can visit during our stay?

    Although every part of Birbhum is worth capturing and witnessing, we can still name a few prominent spots like -Joydev Mandir, Garh Jungle, Ichhai ghosh deul are very closeby to Mundira. You can also add Sonajhuri forest and Santiniketan to your bucket list for traditional shopping and experiencing the dream of Rabindranath Tagore. 

    • How to book the campsite?

    You can book directly from our website checking availability on your planned date and clicking on the "book now" button. Check this video for reference. 

    • How can I cancel or change trip dates?

    You can cancel your booking anytime from your profile page on our site. Check the video for reference. Please also check the policy before canceling your trip.




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